Dark mode support, hosted login page customization, and more

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December 7, 2023

What’s in this changelog?

  • Dark mode support for elements
  • Improved onboarding in Console
  • Hosted login page improvements
  • Disabling passkeys (Email/OTP only)

Dark mode support for elements

We’ve made it even easier to support light and dark modes in the Passage elements, either in the Passage Console or in code with the Passage Elements. Check out our docs to learn more about our built-in element themes.

Improved onboarding in Console

We’ve done some work to improve the onboarding and app creation experience for new users. When you create a new app, you get guides and quick-starts built straight into the Console. We also have a new way to see your login page by selecting the Hosted Login option and then clicking try it out. This quick view also enables you to customize your element under Branding and immediately seeing it in action.

Hosted login page improvements

We have made some changes to the hosted login page to make it more customizable. In addition to customizing the elements font and colors, you can also add your company logo to the hosted login page. You can also use your own custom domain for the hosted login page to give users a cohesive authentication experience. Check out our guide for setting up your custom domain here.

Disabling passkeys

We now allow passkeys to be disabled, so that the first factor of authentication defaults to e-mail or SMS one time codes. This feature can be configured in the console by going to Authentication methods and toggling passkeys off. You can then configure email / SMS settings on the same page.