Passkeys, powered by Passage

A passkey allows you to log into a website using the methods you use to log into your device, such as FaceID, TouchID, the Android fingerprint reader, Windows Hello, and more. When you visit a website you will be prompted for a PIN, face or fingerprint instead of a password. Behind the scenes, your device is generating a cryptographic signature that is sent to the website. Your biometric data always stays secure on your device.
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Always on the cutting edge

Apple is at the forefront of building passkeys that can be synced between devices (via your iCloud account), releasing this functionality with iOS 16 and Safari 16, with the other platforms not far behind.

As platforms and devices continue to innovate on the client-side, Passage is consistently ahead of the curve on providing a great server-side developer experience and connecting with users on the client-side. We put in the work to support the latest and greatest so you don't have to.

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