Flutter SDK, OIDC complaint login pages, and more

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September 1, 2023

What’s in this changelog?

  • OIDC-compliant hosted login
  • Integrated billing
  • Flutter SDK
  • Element Branding in Console

OIDC-Compliant hosted login

We're thrilled to announce that Passage is now an OIDC-compliant identity provider! Our OIDC-compliant login page integrates with all of your favorite identity providers and provides a low or no-code way to integrate Passage into your application. When creating applications in the Passage Console, you can now choose between embedded or hosted login experiences, based on your desired user experience and tech stack. You can read more about it in our docs and check out a few useful guides here.

Flutter SDK

A highly-request SDK, the Passage Flutter SDK is live. The SDK supports passkey, magic links, and OTP registration and login across iOS, Android, and web platforms. Get started by installing the package from pub.dev or learning more in our docs.

Integrated billing

Integrated billing support has been added, enabling you to set up billing information without contacting support. You can access the billing portal from the Organization Settings page. In the portal, you can add payment information, billing address, and contact information. Billing will continue to be on a monthly cadence and you will receive email updates when your organization is close to going over the free tier.

Element branding in the Console

Passage Auth Elements can now be customized directly from the Passage Console. Our Element Customization page in Console supports styling a variety of Passage Auth element UI right from Console. Customize the Passage Auth Elements to match your brand’s look and feel, no code needed.

If you already use CSS variables or parts to style your element, you can keep doing it. This is the recommended option for more granular customization, since not all options are provided through the Console. Styles added via CSS always override the styles set in the Passage Console, so we recommend picking one implementation option to minimize drift.