iOS SDK latest release, new language support, and more

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March 8, 2023

What’s in this Changelog?

  • iOS SDK
  • Added support for Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Changes to custom templates to improve spam prevention
  • Try out Passage Express!


We are happy to share the latest release of the Passage iOS SDK! Now, you can add embedded passwordless authentication experiences to your native iOS apps. Head over to our docs to give it a try, and we would love to hear what you think!

Additional Language Support

In addition to English, German, and Italian, Passage has added support for Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Translations will happen automatically in the Passage Elements based on browser settings or you can pass a lang attribute to the Elements directly. You can set a default language for your app here.

Please update your Elements to v1.1.0 or higher to use these new languages. Going forward, updates will not be required to get new language support. Check out our documentation and let us know which languages you would like us to add next!

Custom Template Updates for Spam Prevention

Starting on March 3, we have implemented new security controls around email and SMS templates. These controls will require that a custom email or SMS provider be used if you want to customize magic link emails and texts through Passage. The reason for this is to prevent unauthorized use of the Passage email domain. In order to protect the integrity of emails that are sent from Passage, we need to ensure that malicious users cannot send spam messages using Passage.

If you already have Passage apps using custom templates, we recommend that you configure a custom email or SMS provider (e.g. Sendgrid, Twilio, etc) for sending messages through Passage.

Try out Passage Express

Passage Express is a new way to add passkey logins on top of your existing authentication system. Express is currently in private beta, but if you’re interested in adding passkey support to your app, we would love to send you an invite! Just send a note to saying that you’re interested in the Passage Express beta and we’ll get back to you right away.