iOS SDK beta release, plus localization and more

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October 1, 2022

What’s in this Changelog?

  • iOS SDK beta release
  • Localization support for German and Italian
  • Improvements and fixes

iOS SDK in Beta

We’ve released our first mobile SDK - enabling developers to build passkey and magic link authentication into iOS apps. Developers can build native login views that use passkeys for the a great user experience. The Passage iOS SDK support passkeys for iOS 16+ and magic links for iOS 14+.

The iOS SDK is in beta and we are looking for beta testers! Give it a try and let us know what you think. Reach out to us at or in Discord if you have any feature requests or questions.

Read the full announcement here and check out our docs to get started.


The Passage Elements and emails now support localization to English, German, and Italian. Translations will happen automatically based on browser settings or you can pass a lang attribute to the Elements directly. Check out our documentation and keep an eye our for more languages and customization options coming soon.

Minor Improvements

  • Improved error handling in SDKs
  • UX improvements to Passage Elements and Console