New webauthn-utils package and passkey only auth

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May 5, 2023

What’s in this Changelog?

  • Disable non-passkey fallbacks
  • Webauthn utils package
  • Improvements and fixes

Disable non-passkey fallbacks

As passkeys increase in popularity, we have heard requests to require all logins to use passkeys. This configuration disables magic link and OTP fallbacks and should only be enabled when you’re committed to passkeys for your entire userbase. Control the configuration of your app with a single button in the Passage Console - no code required.

Webauthn utils package

We’ve released a new webauthn-utils package that contains utility functions to simplify the creation and management of WebAuthn credentials and passkeys. It also includes functions to check if the current browser supports different features of WebAuthn, including hybrid credentials and conditional UI (autofill). All of those functions help you provide users with the best possible passkey authentication experience. This package is for everyone - even if you don’t use Passage!