One-click email verification, plus dark mode and other improvements

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August 1, 2022

What's in this update?

  • Enable email and phone verification as part of the login flow with a single click in Console
  • Improved element support for dark mode websites
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Email & Phone Verification

Want to make sure your users have real email addresses or phone numbers for your application? You can now require verification on signup right from the Passage Console. Once enabled, Passage will automatically send verification emails and texts before letting users register for your app. Once verified, users can still add biometrics for the first class Passage login experience. Enable this feature in the Authentication Settings.

Improved Element Support for Dark Mode

If you're building an app with a dark background, we've made some improvements to our elements to make them look better when customized with a dark background. You can check out the full set of variables that can be customized in our docs.

Minor Improvements and Fixes

  • Create user directly from the users table in Console
  • Improved navigation and tables for Console mobile web
  • Application status page, which can be found at