Custom email templates, BYO email provider, and more

Product Updates - June 2022
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June 30, 2022

What's in this update?

  • Fully customize login emails with HTML templates
  • Bring-your-own email provider to build trust with your user base
  • Disable public signups
  • New guides for integrating with GCP and AWS API Gateways (hint: no code required!)
  • Live preview of example apps right from Console


The Big One: Advanced email customization with HTML templates and BYO provider

After listening to feedback from users on our email customization, we are excited to release a feature set that allows you to fully customize your authentication emails sent through Passage. Maintaining a consistent brand and building trust with your users is critical to a good login flow, so we’ve added two new features to make sure your application is at the forefront for your users.

The first is fully customizable HTML templates, which allows you to perfectly align the login emails from Passage with your brand. Use common variables from Passage and your own HTML to build the perfect email.

The second feature is the ability to bring your own email provider. This helps you build trust with your users and provides them with a seamless experience between login and other communications in your application. You can setup your own Sendgrid or Amazon SES credentials in Passage for sending all login and verification emails.

You can use these new features by visiting the Passage Console > Branding or checking out our docs.

Disabling Public Signups

If your application does not allow self-signup, we’ve made it super easy to disable that option in Passage. With a single click in the console, you can ensure your application will only allow existing users to login. You can continue using the Auth or Login elements the same way you always do. Use the management API and backend SDKs to create users when you want to, and check out embedded magic links to seamlessly communicate with your users.

Live Preview of Example Apps for New Users

To make it easier to see how Passage works in action, we are now creating and deploying example apps for everyone that signs up for Passage. When you make a new account on the Passage Console, you will have an example app with a live preview link. This is an awesome way to see what Passage looks like to your end users and to test some simple configuration options in Console.

New Guides for GCP and AWS API Gateways

Building a microservices application that uses an API Gateway for routing? Passage is for you!

Gateways such as those provided by GCP and AWS are great tools for developers who want to build APIs that are low maintenance and low latency. When building an API with these tools, Passage can be used to authorize users for authenticated routes at the gateway-level. This requires no additional code to be written by developers - just some small additions to the API configuration YAML. Check out docs to get started.