React Native SDK, plus React components and console organizations

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August 1, 2023

What’s in this Changelog?

  • React Native SDK
  • New element for passkey management
  • Organizations
  • React components

React Native SDK

We have launched our highly requested React Native SDK for Passage! With it, you can build iOS and Android applications with passkey, magic link, and one-time passcode authentication. You can get started with the package on NPM and learn all about it with our docs and example repository.

Beta testers always wanted! Try it out and don’t hesitate to give us feedback both good and bad.

React Components

Now you need even less code to build React apps! We’ve created React components of our elements that are specifically tailored for React. This new React package comes equipped with React hooks and components for effortless implementation with Passage.

Get started with our NPM package.

UI Element for Passkey Management

Passage already provides a complete Profile Element (passage-profile) for user and passkey management. Based on feedback, we learned that it is common for developer to only want to passkey-specific management aspects, especially if they are using Passkey Flex and managing user information on their own. In response, we’ve created a passage-passkey-table element that enables users to view, edit, and delete their passkeys with only two lines of code for a developer. To get started, install the passage-elements package (version 1.8 or later) from NPM.


We have launched Organizations for the Passage Console. All apps now belong to an organization. Organizations help to simplify user access, permissions, billing and data sharing. Team member management is now preformed at the organization level. Organization members will have access to all apps belonging to the organization.

Learn more about organizations and member permissions in our docs.