Use Passage with your existing auth, improved client SDKs, and more

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January 31, 2023

What’s in this Changelog?

  • Introducing Passage Express
  • PassageJS 3.0 release with custom token handling
  • Customizable SMS templates
  • Improvements and fixes

Join the private beta for Passage Express

Passage Express is a bundled configuration of Passage that allows you to add passkey authentication alongside your existing authentication scheme. Our solution is based on the assumption that an app will have existing and new users who may want to use passkeys. Passage Express provides more flexibility for customers who want to:

  • Require a password on signup but allows users to add a passkey afterward.
  • Allow users to add a passkey at any time from a profile.
  • Provide flexibility for users to sign in completely passwordless or with a password.

Passage Express integrates seamlessly with your existing authentication system and provides your users with a great passkey authentication experience.

This feature set is currently in a private beta, but we are looking for developers interested in trying it out. To join the beta, email or join us on Discord.

PassageJS 3.0 release

We done a major overhaul of our PassageJS library and it’s better than ever. In particular we’ve revamped the token handling and session management to be much easier to use and allow flexibility for custom use cases. The User class manages authenticated user actions such as adding passkeys, while the Session class handles all things related to session tokens. As part of the Session class, we’ve also implemented a new TokenStore architecture for customizing the handling of getting and setting Passage auth tokens and refresh tokens. Check out the full documentation here.

PassageJS is also now available on our CDN. Get it at

Customizable SMS templates

Passage now supports customized SMS templates to go along with the email templates. Passage enables you to build trust with your users by maintaining a consistent tone and brand image across all of your communication. Use common variables from Passage and your own text to build the perfect message to your users.