Introducing Our New Brand

Julia Bordonaro
April 26, 2022

Passage is excited to announce the launch of our new brand identity! Over the past few months, our design team (currently a party of one— me!) has been hard at work refreshing the brand to better symbolize Passage’s ambitions for the future.

While we currently are focused on providing a superior biometric authentication experience for developers and end users, in the long term, we aim to become a market leader in the identity space. With this in mind, we took to the drawing board (literally) and began ideating how we could represent identity in our new brand and the assets associated with it.

Setting the tone

With the launch of our new brand, we’re setting a new tone for every customer and user interaction with Passage. We aim to make each product and touch point:


At Passage, we feel strongly that passwordless authentication is the way of the future. Our goal is to create a cutting edge authentication experience for both users and developers.


We’re excited about what we’re building, and how it can change the internet as we know it. So we want to incorporate that energy into everything we do.


We believe that everyone should have access to risk-free authentication with a great user experience. That’s why we’re committed to always offering a generous free-forever tier.


We did the hard part— now all you need to do is implement Passage with just 2 lines of code. And we’ll keep making things easy for developers and users going forward.


We know you’re putting your trust in us when you use Passage in your app, and we don’t take that lightly. So we work hard to ensure the security and privacy of your users at all times.

Our new look

We’ve revamped our logo, launched a new website, refined our messaging, focused our visual aesthetic, and broadened our sights towards long term goals. Our team is growing quickly, and we wanted to create a dynamic brand that captures the excitement we’re experiencing internally, and externally projects our confident outlook on Passage’s future.

The new Passage logo represents the power of an individual’s identity. With Passage, one look or touch is all a user needs to access their accounts.

Color also plays a big part of our new brand image. We kept some blue from our previous brand, as it represents safety and security, but brightened it up to showcase our optimism. We also added a fiery orange-red to represent creativity, strength, and success.

And so, a brand is born!

Creating this brand has been a labor of love, both for myself as a designer, and for the team as a whole. We are so glad to now be putting our best foot forward, and can’t wait for you to get to know our evolved brand.